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I was on the newcomers forum and had mentioned TURKEY TURNOVERS so AFRA said to post them here . these have become very versatale to me over time by experimenting and finding out what works!

depending on amount of turkey leftover ,make your favorite single or double pie crust pastry- mine comes from BETTER HOMES C.B.
1 1/2 cups A.P. flour
1/3 cup shortening
4 to 5 tlbs.COLD water
set aside


1 to 2 cup finelly chopped wh and dark meat from turkey(not minced,mush or paste)
two shallots fine dice
1 clove garlic
3tsp fresh basil or thyme or both!
1/4 cup of Buff mozz , mozzarela or my favorite FETA grated
(Feel creative add a little leftover stuffing ,it rocks)
PROCEDURE; Roll out pie pastry[pie crust thin] on floured surface cut out 1 inch circles or squares -your choice- now add 1 to 11/2 tlbs of mix to center ,egg wash edges fold over into triagles or half moons and crimp edges with tines of fork.
Now in skillet heat three tlbs. of shortening [I prefer canola oil ,I also prefer iron skillet, if you have one] Cook turnovers til golden brown on both sides repeat until all are done . Can be eaten right away ,refrigarated or frozen [NOTE be sure to reheat in oven or micro. if you use oil and skillet they are to greasey!

NOTE : If your feeling lazy from T. DAY burnout you can sub won ton wrappers or STOUFFERS makes a pretty good puff paste instead of going thru the pie dough hassle and it turns out just as good!!!!!

grated :chef: :chef: :cool:
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