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Hello there

This is the sort of question I know you get all the time but here goes. I have a fair few knives, several Globals, I find hard to sharpen and easy to dull. Some wusthof which are ok at least they are easy to sharpen. A couple of Tojiros I like and after reading some advice on here I got a Mac Mighty which I found a game changer. So, for a bit more money than the Mac could I be amazed at the difference again? Or would it be a bit of a waste? I have enough speciality knives I'm looking for a go to general prep knife. At work I have large chopping boards and plenty of room. I use an edge pro to sharpen and a ceramic rod to hone. Alright I sometimes use a diamond steel on my German knives a work if in a rush. Anyway any advice/recommendations would be welcomed.

Ps I'm from England and the Mac cost roughly £100 my money


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A MAC Mighty for 100 sterling is a great deal.

That's a heavy knife, you mind something lighter?

Why do you feel it was a game changer over the Tojiro (DP?).

I just heard a very good report of the Tojiro 521 (PM steel) from a very knowledgeable source. Nice flat looking profile and thin behind the edge, considerably superior steel to the MAC. It's not unusual for PM steels to hold an edge 3 times longer than good conventional stuff, if that's a game changer. Sounds a great deal here, and I have seen them for less even.

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I believe I now understand the MAC revelation.  VG10 isn't the easiest steel to sharpen, as it produces a tenacious burr.  I thought that the sharpening part might be the revelation with the MAC over the Tojiro DP and others you have.

Just so far as the 521 is concerned, I'm pretty sure it will go the MAC one better for keeness, and burr removal should be a breeze.  Both finish and do touch-ups by stropping on a 6K stone.  I'm not sure if bare leather has much effect on PM steels, all those vanadium/tungsten/niobium carbides.  I think the edges succumb to carbide drop-out before loss of true.

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Now with that Hiromoto Santoku you have made me think again. I already love my Mac so thinking it seems silly to buy a replacement for my best knife. Surely replacing my rubbish santoku would make more sense as I love that style of knife when in going for more speed and a little less refine work. So to keep asking is there a stand out between the Hiromoto and a Tojiro F-517??
I'd say the hiromoto is probably thinner behind the edge. The AS should take a sharper edge, the PM steel should hold an edge longer. You have to treat AS like any other carbon, whereas the PM steel is stainless.

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