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Hello there

This is the sort of question I know you get all the time but here goes. I have a fair few knives, several Globals, I find hard to sharpen and easy to dull. Some wusthof which are ok at least they are easy to sharpen. A couple of Tojiros I like and after reading some advice on here I got a Mac Mighty which I found a game changer. So, for a bit more money than the Mac could I be amazed at the difference again? Or would it be a bit of a waste? I have enough speciality knives I'm looking for a go to general prep knife. At work I have large chopping boards and plenty of room. I use an edge pro to sharpen and a ceramic rod to hone. Alright I sometimes use a diamond steel on my German knives a work if in a rush. Anyway any advice/recommendations would be welcomed.

Ps I'm from England and the Mac cost roughly £100 my money


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joe78, can you post a link, so we can see what you are referring to?

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