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Hello there

This is the sort of question I know you get all the time but here goes. I have a fair few knives, several Globals, I find hard to sharpen and easy to dull. Some wusthof which are ok at least they are easy to sharpen. A couple of Tojiros I like and after reading some advice on here I got a Mac Mighty which I found a game changer. So, for a bit more money than the Mac could I be amazed at the difference again? Or would it be a bit of a waste? I have enough speciality knives I'm looking for a go to general prep knife. At work I have large chopping boards and plenty of room. I use an edge pro to sharpen and a ceramic rod to hone. Alright I sometimes use a diamond steel on my German knives a work if in a rush. Anyway any advice/recommendations would be welcomed.

Ps I'm from England and the Mac cost roughly £100 my money


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Heh, i started with wusthof and tojiro dp, then got a mac pro gyuto, then got a itinomonn kasumi gyuto.

I would agree that the mac was a game changer when i got it.

I'm no expert, but at mac level and beyond, it seems like its all personal preferrance. What kind of steel you prefer, what kind of geometry, what kind of handle.

Maybe just find a cheap carbon steel gyuto and see if the easier sharpening justifies the incrased care needed not to rust. A wa handle is light, t3nds to make the knife more blad3 heavy which you may or may not like. Wa handles also gives you better access to the heel while sharpening imo.
If you want me to post any pics of my 240mm itinomonn by itself or next to my 270mm mac, let me know

If you have the knife fever, shouldn't you get the slightly better, more expensive one now, instead of later?
1 - 2 of 47 Posts
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