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We blend our butter and almond paste together. We use a harder flour for the bottoms of our small tarts and puff stuff(strudel,tarts etc) and a softer flour when we use it for tortes, ya know pear almond,tart cherry, anything in sugar paste, its a little lighter.
The paste tends to make the almond flavor more permeatingly sweet, so we usually cut it with something acidic.
I can shoot you a recipe mon. pretty basic.
I do use the almond flour recipe for a special order item, a winter pear almond torte, I poach the pears in a sweet and sour(balsamic vinegar Mexican rock brown sugar, spices) puff shell..., dried apricot and brie spread on the bottom... mix... and the pears. The paste is to sweet for this. I know, sounds terrible, but its really not that bad.
I like both ways depending on the use.
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