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using someones elses idea

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Can you use recipes from famous chefs and use them exactly the same way in your restaurant?

For example i might want to put a Jammie Oliver recipe on the menu in my restaurant. Is it ok?

Are their any legal problems with this?
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one dish leads to another...

verbatum... no.

replicating, certainly may be construed as a compliment.

stop.stop.stop. read into a recipe, what are they doing?
How is something being cut?
How is something being cooked?
How is something being seasoned?
How is something related to other similar food? (ie: food classification or cooking method)
How is somehting defined as a compliment?
How is something plated visually?
How does it taste?
How does it complement the coarse? the menu? the theme or style? the image? the cooks? the chef? the customer?
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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