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I've seen this topic in here a few times but nobody has answered the question in a manner that helps me. I apologize for repeating the subject. Recommendations for $200+ machines aren't what I'm looking for.

I want to get a vacuum sealer for Christmas. I've never done sous vide cooking - this is more for better storage of things like bulk meats in the freezer. I would like it to be able to do sous vide or marinate foods, however. I guess this means it needs to be able to work with wet foods. I have small animals as pets and they need a lot of greens. I'd like to be able to seal up the greens so that I could buy more at a time instead of having to go to the store every couple of days. So I guess this means it has to have a gentle or anti-crush setting?

The difference between the other threads and mine is my budget. The absolute most I can spend on this appliance is $70, and I'd rather spend far less. I keep hearing FoodSaver bandied around with both good and bad remarks. If I did go with a FoodSaver, what model would be best? There are several within my price range.

FoodSaver is said to be unfriendly to bags that aren't its own brand. So if I wanted to be able to get less expensive bags, what brand of vacuum sealer should I get that would accept the off brand bags?

I do realize that actual chefs wouldn't bother kicking a vacuum sealer this cheap out of their path, let alone buying one. But I don't have the budget of a professional kitchen and really need to start saving money and stop letting food rot in my refrigerator.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give.
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