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I am just a keen home cook that now only has to cook for one. So instead of depriving myself of my favourite dishes (fricassee, bourguignon ,coq au vin etc) I thought about vacuum sealing pre-cooked food, freezing and reheating in water. Before I go spending the money on a vacuum sealing machine I thought it would be best to ask a few questions to people in the know!

There is lots of info on the internet about sous vide and cooking from raw but I am struggling to clear up a few queries about pre-cooked food.

Firstly, can it be done successfully with pretty well any dish? ie, chicken, lamb, beef, fish etc, and with any of the usual French sauces (espagnole, béchamel, hollandaise etc).

And what about vegetables? I usually blanche veg for 1-2 mins, put on ice or under the cold tap and roast in a pan or the oven to reheat and add flavour. Can I cook my veg as if I was to serve it, then let is cool and vacuum seal for another day? Or would it be best to blanche, vacuum seal and then finish at the time of eating. Or just start from scratch on the day of eating!?

What about things like Ratatouille? Is it best to just freeze, or should I try to vacuum seal also. I worry things like aubergine would go a bit funny.

At the time of reheating I would assume defrost first but then would it be ok to just throw the bag of meat in a pan of rolling water for 25-30mins or should I get a temperature controlled water bath and reheat slower?

I just want to eat good food everyday without spending hours cooking after work and without wasting any food. I hope someone can help, and thank you for reading/responding :)
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