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Why is veal stock so hard to come by? Hit a few butcher shops in Brooklyn, which offer fresh chicken and beef stock, but no veal. Even the variety that comes in a cardboard box is hard to come by. What's the beef with the veal?


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Probably low demand in the market place. If it doesn't move, they won't stock it. Ask vendors who carry other products in the brand you like to order some in for you. They probably still won't stock it all the time, but many stores will help you out with special orders.

In the mean time, Look for More than Gourmet veal base at Amazon. It's not cheap but the quality is quite good.

I'm close by a specialty vendor ( who usually has these in stock if I need it on a whim. You might find a vendor locally too.

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We actually have an excellent article on how to make it yourself.
[article="6687"]How To Make Brown Stock [/article]
One thing you might consider is finding a local chef and asking if you can purchase some directly that would be my suggestion.
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