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Vegetable Class

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William Sonoma is opeing a cooking school in St. Louis, they have asked me o do a vegetable cooking class mid-Sept. I've been designing a menu but wanna know what you'd do?
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Since their kitchen is in the works I've got no clue as to what equipment they'll have. I also told them I'd be glad to include products fffrom their shelves. So as of now I have Butternut squash soup with shiitake dumplings (chinese) Eggplant salad with chevre and sherry viniagrette....not sure if I'm going to make tthe eggplant mush by sticking it on the burner and charring it or do a sautee and keep it in distinct pieces. Pasta with heirloom tomatoes and Roasted pepper puree...I love this wiht a hit of heat and alittle orange added
Sweet Potato Flan with caramel apples...may do the Dulce goo on the sauteed apples. We have two hours from start to finish

Figure I can push the market with the variety but I'm concerned about making the flan prior to the demo for sampling. The food budget is nominal 1/2 to 1/3 of what other plschools have.I'm kinda surprised they've not really got a set assistant to run the school, it's kinda a cool thing cus Viking is in town and they wanna catch up.A series of classes is not that appealing to me. I have camp in August for 10 days as well as the Food and Wine gig in Jan. that has to be finished by mid Oct. plus a few parties for several hundred in Sept. not really looking for class work, the energy involved to write recipes and put on the class is not the direction I've been going.
Now to follow up with farmers to see what they got coming out ground at that time.
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Sept 15 I just hung up from my butternut source he was questioning when they would be out. So they'll go to the menu and if they are not in season then I'll substitute and talk about seasonality. Absolutely I'll need to make Flans ahead for sampling, it's just with a nominal budget doing multiples is pretty pricy. As to shrooms I don't do classes using foraged wild, unless they are shroomers....the liability is too great. My shiitake farmer is organic log grown , the texture is so different than the sawdust, hay grown varieties....I have about 12 different types of wild shrooms and I guess I could pull a few of the commercially sold ones out. I've not been in William Sonoma in ages, I bet anything there is some frufee dried shrooms or oils that could be incorporated. Part of it too is having availability of whatever I make. What is the point of teaching a recipe then not having the ingrediants available?
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