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The owner of has this to say about big brand kitchen knives.

QUOTE]Interestingly, we made some blind tests with a panel of six people on classic shaped, forged, full tang, riveted and bolstered European kitchen knives. We tested Henckels Pro S, Wusthof Classic and Sabatier Grand Chef. We had cutting and steeling tests designed to see if one brand would emerge better than the others. No such thing. The panel members couldn't even tell with any kind of statistical consistency which brand was which. I won't get into the details. I'll just tell you that preferences for these three, at least, are based on emotion and preference. On emotion. They all perform exactly the same statistically. We would have tested others but we wanted to stay with models that the panel members couldn't identify by feel alone. No, nobody got cut. Take care.[/QUOTE]

In value for the money, the Forschner line by Victorinox is often considered "best".

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