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I just went through my first two weeks of school now and I am supposed to be choosing my knives over the weekend. We have spent a great deal of time pouring through information to find out which is more suitable for us. The school has set up a great deal for the Victorinox knives but every teacher seems to have a different perspective of what we should be doing. They obviously all agree that it is a matter of taste, but some stress the fact that this is a long time investment while others give off the impression that the knives have nothing to do with how we will perform. Maybe that is just a way of avoiding the question....

Anyway, I just wanted to know what everyone here think I should be doing. I have quite a bit of cooking experience and use a mix of Henkels and no-name brands at home. So what would be appropriate? Do I treat this as a learning experience with the future intention of picking up better knives as I go along, or do I do something different?

What I was considering was to go along with what the school recommended (Victorinox), but go with a Global 8" Chef knife, which I get a good deal on ($75 Canadian - $45 US).

Is this overkill?


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