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Hi I'm oskar I'm from poland and I 19 years old I working like chef from 1 year , I working now on junior sous chef position .

When I starty adventure with kitchen I start from fine dining restaurant I don't finish any school and thats my first job

I start from kitchen porter but from young guy I want to cook I love that when serwis is coming and u feel I don't now how to call that "energy" :)?

After 2 month chef from salad and deserts section change the job and my head chef need someone I speak with him to promote me on salad chef and he do it .
And then I start I work on salat just 2 weeks in this two weeks I learn a lot head chef push me all the time he scream when he ask me of time for any dish and I say 1 min he put the time on when I doesnt come on the time he scream and push me but if u want to be chef u can't be pussy :) after 2 weeks on salad he give me promote on fish section I teach there a lot how to cook fish how to season this
After 4 month on fish I get promote on grill section ohh.. on the grill first day say nightmare but after begin time I can done 170covers alone on very busy section 80% main course are from grill and like month ago I get promote on junior sous chef
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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