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Hello everyone!

I'm looking to buy my first several knives worthy of the name, and I've been lurking about absorbing the collected wisdom around here. Right now I'm making do with... well, let's just say that my ten-year old cutco steak knife is probably the sharpest knife I own. Needless to say, this makes cooking something of a chore.

Right now I am leaning towards buying several Warther knives (9" Chefs, 9" Carving Knife, 5" Sandwich Knife + Forschner Bread Knife)

However, aside from a few offhand remarks by boar_d_laze, there doesn't seem to be much information out there about Warther knives. What little I have gathered is that they are "good" knives. Can anyone tell me a little bit more about them? While all input is appreciated, I am specifically interested in the following:

1. Any general information on Warther Knives - especially as compared to Mac knives (superior and pro), which are running a close second.

2. What would be a good method of sharpening them - right now I am considering learning to freehand, probably with a pair of superstones (1000 and 5000). This would allow me to maintain the convex edge on the Warthers. However, I'm open to alternatives.

3. While we are on sharpening, I've heard Warther's are difficult to sharpen - since I've never sharpened a knife in my life, would this make them a bad choice?

Thanks in advance!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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