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Hi Everyone
It seems like winter here is going out like a lion with the storms we are having. I saw in the news that we were in for another storm on Monday so I figured I'd be ok to go to work on Monday and then bring my laptop home in case it was bad on Tuesday.
Now I see we have a weather advisory so I think tomorrow at some point I am going to go in and get both mine and my daughter's laptops so we can work from home in the event the weather gets bad.
I think I told you all but this little girl joined our family in November:

Dog Dog breed Carnivore Fawn Companion dog

Her name is Koda and she is a German Shepherd mix. She came to us from a farm... one of my friends had a dog from the farm and I asked her to let me know the next time there were puppies and well... here is Koda. As you can see by the woodwork in the background she is helping us see where we need to repaint in the spring!

Since I am now going to work tomorrow I am going to address an issue while I am there. I emailed the bakery managers telling them that I needed them to ensure their ice machine was cleaned tomorrow so I can take a sample of the ice to send off for testing and what did they do... they complained to the plant manager and he is now cleaning the machine for them. I am going to write a procedure for it and train the bakery people including the managers on it as it is their piece of equipment and their responsibility not the plant manager's.
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