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Yes! The History of Food Forum is a fact. I am very happy about it.

I want to thank Nicko for making it real.

When I first logged-in to Chef Talk to ask about Sun dried tomatos, I couldn't imagine that my relation with this community would go that far.

But things went too smoothly and normal and without realising how , soon I had to change place of my pc in the house so as to be close to my cooking books, that they are up to 2500.

History can be a very tricky subject. It may seem general or vague but if you think about it , it's very personal.
I think that nothing can be more personal than the eating tradition and food of one's family. I can see people getting angry just because they thought that you offended their grandma's recipe!

I personally will continue to add small stories and referencies in the other threads too, as I used to do. Sometimes the historical point must be added on a specific occasion. It's exactly like a spice :)

I am looking forward to your posts! :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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