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Well Hello There!

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Hello all! My name is Kevin, my nickname is Toffee so i saw it fit for a username. I am 21, i work in a restaurant as a prep cook, line cook, dish boy pretty much whatever they need. I also cook and bake at home. As of right now i havnt been to culinary school, still working on that. I've been stalking round the forums since i stumbled upon this site, looking for answers to questions. Decided to finally make an account. If anyone has any questions bout me please ask!
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Welcome to Cheftalk Kevin. I've found this to be a great place for questions and answers, and

to contribute your own take/experiences with the industry, both past and future, as well.

The archives here, containing many years and thousands of posts worth of useful info, is an

excellent place to start as well. Enjoy. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif

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Thank you! Ill look at the archives right away!
Welcome to ChefTalk Toffee glad you joined up. Sounds like you are one the right road and culinary school isn't required. What are you planning on doing?
At the moment, i am still wandering about what road to take. Either stick to the hot foods part, or get some experience in baking and pastry part and see how i take on that. I often talk to my coworkers bout their experiences with everything. They all have different views. As for schooling, may not be required. But certainly cant hurt to get into it. Just cant rely on it, school is different then a real kitchen.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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