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What are you doing Halloween night?

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Hey folks ; how are you going to spend this years Halloween ?
I know in my area there are a lot more safe and sane parties for the children this year than there have been in the past . I have a
couple of boys aged 11 and 15 and because of the terrorist activity my 11 year old does not want to go trick or treating this year . Instead he has asked to spend the evening at a local pizza place which has an arcade . Thats what me and my family will be doing , how about you ?:D
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I really enjoy halloween, it's this artists' favorite holiday since it's all about fun and creativity! I'm not working right now so I GET TO BE HOME TO ANSWER THE DOOR!!!! Which I'm REALLY REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO!

I have tons of candy and our weather forcast is wonderful. We carved 4 pumpkins yesterday. My spiders, bones and witches and blinking eyes are ready.

My neighborhood consists of all the same- safe, kind, concerned people it had last year and the years before so I sincerely hope all our parents will remember we are just as safe as we were before 9/11.

I refuse to change my life because of someone elses hatreds.
I'm SOOOO incredibly dissapointed with my community. Halloween was a huge bust! No children under 5 came at all, nor did any over 10 and so few in between that it didn't really exist.

Living in the mid-west where we haven't had any antrax touch us (yet) I think this was a HUGE over reaction! I think we are letting the news media scare us all way too much!!! I wish they would put everything into perspective. This is NOT and epidemic! So far, antrax is only a tiny bleep on the screen of possible catasrophes that has touched Americans. Air travel is still far safer than car travel, too.

Please stop being scared, lead normal lives. We are loosing this war mentally. We must be stronger!

Every **** day it's over and over saturation of this problem Everywhere you turn! I'm really mad that the media has so little concern for the welfare of all it listeners.

Can't anyone see how this is stopping us, posioning our view of reality and giving them the victory over our lives?

I can't believe that the people who have lived next to me for years and years now fear letting their children have a sealed piece of candy from me, their long time neighboor!

WAKE-UP EVERYONE, their winning.
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