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What are you doing Halloween night?

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Hey folks ; how are you going to spend this years Halloween ?
I know in my area there are a lot more safe and sane parties for the children this year than there have been in the past . I have a
couple of boys aged 11 and 15 and because of the terrorist activity my 11 year old does not want to go trick or treating this year . Instead he has asked to spend the evening at a local pizza place which has an arcade . Thats what me and my family will be doing , how about you ?:D
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Hey W. DeBord , I could not agree with you more . My kid is 11
years old and our community was really heavy into sponsering
safe and sane Halloween parties and thats not what my boy wanted so he hit me up with a lets have a Pizza patry and like well it sounded like a lot more fun than a safe and sane party .
It turned out to be lots of fun and we had the advantage of being able to watch the world series also . Hopefully next year will be less news hype ( my god how many times can they say the same thing ? ) and I can teach my boy the finer arts of Halloween night.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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