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What are you doing Halloween night?

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Hey folks ; how are you going to spend this years Halloween ?
I know in my area there are a lot more safe and sane parties for the children this year than there have been in the past . I have a
couple of boys aged 11 and 15 and because of the terrorist activity my 11 year old does not want to go trick or treating this year . Instead he has asked to spend the evening at a local pizza place which has an arcade . Thats what me and my family will be doing , how about you ?:D
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Unfortunately this year we are living in an apartment that doesn't have a front view to the general public so doing one of my intricately carved pumpkins is kind of pointless. Plus I just don't seem to have the drive this year as I have in the past (another consequence I s'pose of last year) plus $$ is tight so we just don't have the same spirit this year. I hope to have that demon excised out by next year.
We still are planning to go out however Trick or Treating as usual. There is a great neighborhood next door and I haven't heard or seen any evidence that things will be curtailed this year. My 9 year old still loves his candy, and there is not enough terrorism in the world to get between this boys candy and people giving him stuff!!!
Me, I have a hockey game at 8:00 so I have to trick or teat and run. Have a fun one boys and girls and don't eat too much candy the first night.
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