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So you get home after a two weeks on the line and you have your free weekend. Now you don't want to eat out, what do you cook at home. You just got back after a morning shift, what will you make for your loveone for dinner?
So what do you cook at home? Is it simple - you don't like to complicate life. Or do you use that time for experimantation.
When you have guests, will you serve designed plates, or will you give it homecooking style?

Personelly it's all the above. I usually don't complicate life too much. But this is my time to check new taste combinations. To check that wonderful new fish being imported, Or what the **** i can do with that liquriche stick I bought a month ago.
On the one hand sometimes I feel like showing off. Inviting friends and giving them a feeling they're in a fancy four star-er. But on the other, I don't have the time or resources I have at the restaurant for Al-c'arte dishes.
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