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First let me say that my comments is not address to you Mark. I respect your beliefs and I’m glad you feel better now that you are on a dairy free diet.

Your comments reminded me of the frustration I feel about all the food related studies. You say a dairy-less diet is best. My doctor is telling me to drink more milk.

Last week someone was saying canola oil was very bad for you. You’re saying dairy is bad for us. In the paper it was ham or some food that containe nitrate. So I wonder what can one eat without fear?

It seems every day we find that yet another food is bad for us. Milk is out so is butter and cheese. No canola oil. No food containing trans fat. No eggs. No ham. No beef. Next week it will be something else.

How can you tell who is telling the truth? Give it a few more years and we’ll truly have to swallow a pill for dinner because everything else will be bad for our health.
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