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Happy holidays everyone.❤ let’s appreciate some good food together. What is everyone making for the holidays?

I plan on making this, dish buffet style for the familia. Dish came out of a random shipment of puréed sweet potatoes that accidentally got delivered one day at the beginning of fall. This was the result to get rid of it as a special.

Browned butter and chive sweet potato mash,flank steak,mushroom sage and cranberry sauce(other ingredients in sauce included oat milk,black truffle oil,and buttermilk) Micro greens,apple cider soaked shallots with cumin and cloves,and friend Brussels.

I’ll keep the vast majority of it the same but in the fried Brussels I’ll add diced apples and pickled mustards seeds. With possibly some fried prosciutto.
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Can’t wait to see what everyone will make. 😍
Wow, that is a lot going on there! Got room for one more!
I am doing reverse seer prime rib with reduced port wine and Demi glacé sauce. Oven roasted potatoes oven roasted asparagus!
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