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Chef's knife, (french)
Slicer or Serrated
Boning knife
paring knife
At least that's what it was when I started out. I've added a couple of more knifes to my set though, I have two french knives ( 8" & 10"), a serrated, a boning knife, a steak knife, utility, a paring knife (actually i have a few of these) and a steel, I also have a carving fork and knife set.

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If you get a knife kit from a school, they put in it what they think the school curriculum requires. There will definitely be a chef's knife, a parer, possibly a boning knife and possibly a bird's beak.

Knife kits purchased from catalogues are as extensive or bare bones as you can afford. A top of the line knife kit may include all the basics plus the garde manger tools.

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Hi there,

I am a new culinary student and I have the school issued kit sitting right here next to me. Here is what is in it:

8" Chef knife
Serrated Knife
Filet Knife
Boning Knife
Paring Knife
Cake Spreader
Meat fork
Stone & Set
Wooden spoon
Rubber spatula
Melon baller
measuring spoons

that's the kit!

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