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What other cooking discussion forums do you read/post on?

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Does anyone else read/post on any other cooking discussion forums?

I'm new here, and this one seems to be good. But, like my other interests/hobbies, I like to read several differnt forums.


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There's a breadbaking guru on the Cooking Light board? Funny you should say that. I never noticed anyone representing him/herself as a "guru". Goddess yes, guru no. No gurus over on CL. I think the problem is when people try to make themselves out to be such by making blanket statements.
I think I know which guru you're referring to over at Fine Cooking.

I still can't figure out who the guru is on CL. For the most part, the CL bread bakers are a friendly lot open to suggestion. So one person prefers a certain kind of yeast. Big deal.
I've had the best luck with the Cooking Light bulletin board. We may act like sheep, but we are good cooks rather than pretentious snobs.

I've also had good luck with Epicurious. Allrecipes and Recipezaar are hit or miss.
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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