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Hi... I'm new here and feel like I have been listening in on a couple of women in the booth behind me.. trying not to listening but not succeeding! Ya know what I mean.. LOL!
April, I believe that when the pit of your stomach is aching do whatever it takes to make it stop. I know it sounds just way too simple but after many years going from bad to really horrible relationships the only thing that was common was that when at any point I got that gut feeling things weren't right, for whatever reason, and I ignored it, things got worse. Never better. Its amazing how what they say is true.. when you stop looking it finds you. Just find a way to calm that feeling in your gut... dump him, date him, forget him, or just eat a lot of ice cream but do what makes your true inner gut feel better. If you listen to your head then you rationalize it and put up with way more than you should, and we know how our hearts can sure screw things up, but the pit of the stomach never lies.. well unless you've had bad seafood!
And its about the time you think.. Ya know I've been pretty happy ALONE that "Mr. Just About Perfect" shows up.

But to help right now...

1st step to any recovery... forget what it was like in the "good times".. if you walked (or ran) away there was a reason.. give yourself some time to dwell on those.

2nd step.. make a list of exactly why you ended things. I mean actually write it down. Don't cheat and make it up in your head. Put it on paper.

3rd step... Write down how you deserve and want to be treated. Put it on some pretty paper and on the bottom sign it. (We give more weight to the papers we sign.)

4th... Keep those two lists by your bed. When you start to think "Maybe I was better off with him" take out the one from step 2 and it becomes very clear that you're wrong.
Then read the list from number three.

I know it may sound silly but it got me through a really horrible divorce and then several years of dating later. I still have the list from step 3 laying in a small satin covered box next to my bed. In the same box are all the letters from the man who is laying here asleep next to me just like everynight for the past year and a half. Because when ALL of the things on your list come true it will be a happiness that makes all the bad times fade away. And you will never feel that twisted weight in the pit of your stomach again.
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