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I'm fairly happy with my tiramisu recipe for at home. It's a classic raw egg / savoiardi biscuit recipe. It tastes great, but it either needs to be eaten from a bowl or individual glass type container... it also can't be left out for very long with raw eggs.

I like to bake for work (mostly pies) and have been thinking about how I can create a tiramisu inspired pie that 1) is easy for people to take a portion without it being a mess, and 2) can be left out for a few hours at room temp 'safely'.

I have an idea of what id want/would do, but the creamy filling is a bit of mystery.

Q1 is - what would happy if I just filled a pie dish with my usual mascarpone/sugar/egg     yolk/whites mix and baked it? What would the resultant texture be like? Would it rise like a soufflé/meringue or stay flat like cheesecake?? Would it be dense velvety smooth?

Q2 - I would not want something as rich/sense as classic cheesecake filling. If the above wouldn't work, how would I create an almost mousse-like texture and still bake it?

I guess I could do a raw one and add gelatin, but we have a few vegetarians in the office and also the raw egg is still a concern (I could do the cooked method for the eggs maybe...)

I like the idea of baking in the oven though...

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