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What would you cook on out of desperation?

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I thought this should be interesting. Our gas bottle ran out of gas back home in Barbados so we got a little fire going in the backyard. My grandma had the pots and pans occupied so I cooked the chicken on a sheet of galvanized pailing!

Arrgh! I can't describe it so Ill show you. Its the steel sheets used to make the roof or fence of chattel houses.

Ive also used a baking sheet to make pancakes and a heavy duty pie pan to make scrambled eggs.

So what were you desparate enough to cook on?
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About a month ago, the weather was pretty nice and thought I would BBQ for the first time of the year. The Weber was still packed up for the winter, so I decided to use a little Hibachi-style grill that I bought a while back at a thrift store. I lit the tiny little grill and started the charcoals when the weather turned bad and got extremely windy. I was cooking burgers and the wind was strong enough that the grill could barely heat up. So I went inside and got a heat gun and made a little windbreak and cooked the burgers with the heat gun held over the coals. They turned out great. You might want to try a heat gun for the same applications that you use a propane torch. They are electric and don't spit out those little carbon pieces that sometimes build up on a torchhead. I have yet to try it on a creme brulee or Baked Alaska, but I believe they would work just fine. Mine cost @ 30.00 and has adjustable heat from 220F to 1100F. (It also comes with a warning that it is NOT TO BE USED TO DRY HAIR!!!!). lol.
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I've used one of those little propane torches to cook with out of desperation before. Does that count?
I think that counts....anything that you grab out of desperation counts. Like pounding chicken fillets with my daughter's baseball bat. Whatever works. Right guys?

Hey! I just remembered something my grandma did when I was little. I don't know if anyone remembers what those old fashioned enameled pottys looks like, you know, chamber pots. They come with handles and look like a REALLY BIG teacup.

Well my grandma had a new one that she had put away in case she had to throw out one of the old ones. So anyway, at christmas time when she couldn't find a pot to cook the rice in (lots of women in the kitchen cooking) she grabbed the new potty and cooked the rice in that! :eek: I still remember the look on my uncle's face when he saw THAT on the stove. :lol: :lol: :lol: I have NEVER gotten THAT desparate!

Chamber Pot:
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Hurricane Daniel was vicious and wiped out our electricity for 3 days....I BBQed anything and everything in the freezer and made crisps in cast iron on the grill.....

Hmmmm improvising with panash.....let's see, I've made risotto for 200 on a camp burner in the middle of the woods. One of the chef's made spatzel from Danny Meyers cookbook using a colander to shape it....Danny was sitting there signing books...great improvisation!!! Ummm I've used ziplocs to mix biscuit dough in, when a bowl was not available.
Here's a story my parents told me about when they first got married, I guess they were camping one time and I don't know, something happened to the pots and pans, so my dad took the hub caps off the car and they cooked on them.
The very first time I was living on my own (not with my parents or in a dorm), my apartment had a tiny fridge but no stove. Between a 2-burner hotplate and an electric broiler/rotisserie, I did okay. But I used real pots.

Jodi -- GREAT story! :eek: :D
We lived in Charleston, SC when Hugo hit; for the first few days after, it was high parteeee time, when all the neighbors fired up the grills and got rid of all the shrimp in their freezers. Then reality hit. By the end of the second week, I was warming up Campbell's soup on the charcoal grill. Oh, and my then-fiancee, now hubbie both had to be at work immediately post-hurricane(he on the radio at the only station that survived the storm, and me at a hospital), both of us had to be at work at 6 a.m. We got up at about 3:30, and lit a fire in the fireplace to heat enough water for coffee and to wash our faces, then off to work. My pop in law sent us his coleman two-burner the day after the electricity came back on!
Great stories!!

When I went off to college, I took a hot plate and sauce pan- but no frying pan. The first Sunday night when the cafeteria was closed, we decided to cook in one girl's room. I brought my hotplate and made burgers right on the burner. It was tricky, but got the job done- well-done!

Ever make grilled cheese by wrapping the sandwich in foil and ironing it? Been there, done that.
You ironed your sandwich! :eek: Oh my! :lol: :lol: lmao
Maybe this isn't something new or strange but I was out of butter once so I used olive oil to make a grilled cheese. It came out really yummy.
The most rigged up thing I ever had to cook on was a hobo stove which we learned how to make in the Girl Scouts.

It consists of a small can with hot rocks, coal, whatever you can find that will hold heat; placed under a larger upside down can (which becomes your griddle-like cooking surface). Just under the rim of the larger can, there are holes punched so some heat can escape. We did eggs on them. It was fun.

Husband wants to know if anyone has ever cooked on their car engine?
Tried the roast thing in the engine back in the 70's running up 95 to go to JW. My buddy(always experimenting!) spent hours the night before getting this roast ready and we were going to feast when we arrived at school. Well we took off with this roast situated by the manifold of my Gremlin. Stopped in Conn. to pick up another guy and when we stopped smoke was pouring from the engine. This thing I guess was leaking. My buddy said he would fix it, I said I was going to kill him!. Well, we arrived in downtown Providence. I'm worried about parking and this nut could only think about the roast. We park and he jumps out to check the roast, opens the hood and NOTHING! It was gone! There was not even a trace of where the thing might have dripped.
It was pretty spooky even for me. People walking by asking if we had car trouble and my nutty friend telling them he lost his roast. He was on the ground under the car looking for this thing, I don't know I guess you had to be there.
Hot tarred roofs in NYC in the summer and always cooked my lunches in foil wedged someplace on the large tar cooker, always tasted a little funny, but the flavor left with a cold beer.
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:lol: :lol: :lol: Oh My! :lol: :lol: Ill post a :lol: reply to this :lol: as soon as I can :lol: stop :lol: LAUGHING! :lol:
Maybe a Gremlin got it! I used to live in the city where Gremlins were made, and I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear any strange story about that car! :lol:
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