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I know it all depends on where you work and what position, but what all is in your kit? I have been out of the field for around two years and due to a divorce an unexpected relocation, I am having to replace my personal kit. I know I don't currently need what I needed at Rosewood Mansion on TurtleCree, or even my fine dinning restaurant in Killeen. Eventually you never know so I will replace everything gradually.

So what are your essentials you can't live without, and what are your other items you could take time to replace?

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My knives, obviously. Beyond that I always have my Thermapen, a small FAK and my Galaxy Tab 8.4 PRO tablet.  The second tier of stuff I generally have at work but don't use daily in include a Benringer mandoline and a couple of silicon hot mitt/gloves.

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Chef knife
Paring / Utility knife
turning knife


bread knife

long, thick tweezers (for manipulating hot things)

small offset tweezers (sometimes for plating, but they can be handy for picking things out of other things)

small offset spatula

"Y" peeler

wine key

thermapen (or other digital fast-read thermometer)
2 small notebooks

three black standard-sized sharpies

two ink pens

small tube of liquid krazy glue (for small cuts, and sometimes shit breaks)

Things that dont fit in my roll but I still take to work or keep in my locker:

5000g digital scale (Escali is good, cheap, and durable)

portable, adjustable mandoline

2 sharpening stones (2000 grit and 5000 grit)

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I generally have everything I neef on location in my kitchen but on occasion I travel to help out friends. Lots of good things in the above post. When I do travel my kit is a pretty big tool box. Some of the things I have in addition to what is listed above are

Scissors, both fine and heavy duty
A couple hand towels
A set of tips and a few pipping bags, a nail
Ice pick
Can opener
Small and large offset pastry spatulas
Favorite quenelle spoon
Single edge razor blades
Screw driver with changeable tips
Small set of needle nose pliers
Couple of needles and butchers string
A wisk
A couple of tea clams
Matches and a lighter

Im sure you will get more ideas of what could come in handy.

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german chef's knife, mac utility knife, offset-v bread knife,steel, swiss peeler, fish spatula, microplane, lint free surgical towels (best side towels ever), burn gel and woundseal, tide pen and bic perm markers (everyone uses sharpies so I know who's stealing mine), various caffeine sources
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