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What's the standard % for bonus?

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For both labor cost and food cost?
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I was just asked what I think is fair for me to get compensated in terms of the bonus structure. I have no idea how to answer that
We're a independent steakhouse doing nearly $1.5m a year. Do I ask for a % of remaining balance after I hit my numbers or do I ask for a different %? I've never been asked about bonus, just straight salary
First let's say,if you hit your numbers and have worked there for several years.The owner or company should reward you with a percentage.
I've been there almost 3 years total. I left for a year to run a country club, but I eventually came back because the owner was a member

Clearly, I've been in the position to receive these generous offerings, so your post... While, making no sense grammatically, also makes no sense theoretically because of said numbers being met. Continuously.
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1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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