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What's your Specialty?

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So I'm decently new to the Culinary game and people(not Chefs) hear I'm a Chef and they always ask the same question: "What's your specialty"?

Am I an idiot because I have absolutely no idea what that even means? Sure, I have certain techniques that I like to use and certain things that I like to make, but I think that the question of a 'specialty' is something that you've been doing so long, you're kind of famous/known for it. I always just reply "I don't know yet" because that's the most honest thing I could think of. I feel like I haven't learned NEARLY enough to have a specialty yet.

What about you wonderful Epicurian veterans? What are your specialties?
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My specialty is providing good food that people enjoy eating.
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I'm not a professional, but I bow to Pete's explanation!

I suppose I have LOTS of 'specialities' - things I like to cook and friends/family like to eat.

I guess that's a complement, BDL
Fried eggs.

And I have quite a talent for assembling salads :)
My specialty is bacon.

I understand what you mean though, when you're still just starting and all the information is out there and overwhelming.
Yes, i do have a specialty!

Rice stuffed pork flank steak sewed bags, in demiglace sauce with caramelized endives.

And I'm not even a chef, go figure...

It's all about finding an impressive name for the dish and voilá!
I've been cooking professionally for a long time and this is probably the worst question you can ask a cook/chef.  I simply reply with something I specifically love to do (grill, roll pasta, braise).

And ChefHow...I asked myself the same question... 
I HATE being pigeon holed.

In any case right now I "specialize" in chocolate, about 25 variates of bon-bons, about 12 variates of bars
Now, with all of this said, let’s take a step back

I think that we should stick with the subject and not draw any lines in the sand

Thank you all


(btw – has anyone notice the infrequency of the OP, they have not returned?)
Osso bucco? [Perk]. Pete, you're (a) coming for dinner; and (b) cooking.

OK boys and girls, it is time to stop "picking nits" and get back to real life!
But Daaaaaaad, is my 4th favorite form of procrastination!
But Daaaaaaad, is my 4th favorite form of procrastination!
And "picking nits" is your third? /img/vbsmilies/smilies/lol.gif
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But Daaaaaaad, is my 4th favorite form of procrastination!
And "picking nits" is your third? /img/vbsmilies/smilies/lol.gif
I thought I was pretty clear when I said it was my 4th!
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What was original question???
Posted by siduri
I have two questions

1. why don't we take the "what's a chef" question "outside" (to another thread)


2. what IS your specialty? If you don't have one, fine, but if someone says "what's your favorite recipe for xyz" i don;t say "I don;t make xyz, and I'm better than you because of that" - i just don;t answer.
Hear! Hear! Brava bravissima!!

eclectic global provisions
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