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I've been using it for years and I have never seen or even heard of a dining establishment trying to pass off scraps of meat glued together as a steak. I call BS. He lists no sources or names in his video...I suppose it may have happened before in the history of the world, but it certainly isn't a wide ranging practice or common at least from where I stand.

OP, what exactly is "over processed" about something like this? My understanding is that it is an enzyme that occurs naturally and is used to bind proteins. Just because it is used in some processed foods commercially doesn't mean it doesn't have a place in non-industrial settings. What about Michelin food is "processed" more than a farm to table restaurant?
Hey someday....way back in 1998 I was a banquet Chef that put out 3000 plates on a busy Saturday night. My F&B found a fabricated beef tenderloin product. They take PSMO's and weave them into 1 continuous even tube. You have them cut filets from this by ounces. They brought in samples which I grilled alongside real filets that I cut. At medium rare you could not tell the difference. By weight, the fabricated product lost more when cooked than the real thing.
What ended up happening was a banquet for 400 filets cooked medium rare, and plated became overcooked, and shed liquid all over the plate. I had to order an extra ounce for each filet to make up the difference in weight of the final product.
It was not cost efficient and was not a great product after medium rare.

THAT was 1998....does anyone have any experience with a better product these days?
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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