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I think you are asking the wrong question as the answer is so all-encompassing that it becomes useless.  The questions that you should be asking are what kind of cuisines do I want to learn more about and where would I like to live.  You can find great chefs (great does not necessarily mean famous) in almost every metropolitan area in the country.  Cities, both big and small, are teaming with great chefs, although there are definitely cities that have more of a reputation as foodie cities than others, but that is changing all the time.  8 years ago no one would have mentioned Milwaukee as a food city, but it is starting to get a pretty good reputation.  Obviously if you want to learn more about Cajun and Creole food then New Orleans is the place to be.  Want to learn about BBQ and Southwestern cuisine, then maybe Austin, Dallas, Houston, or Santa Fe. You get the point.  Determine where you want to live, whether it is a specific city or a more general region and then start doing some research on restaurants and chefs in those areas.
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