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The responses you have gotten thus far are questions of importance before any useful suggestions can be given. 

     If you are planning sending your knife out to be sharpened, then you can get a useful knife that will do the job for about $30-50 from Macy's, Boscov's or any other general store. The edge will last for a while with regular honing and you can get it sharpened twice a year cheaply enough. Any sharp knife is better than an expensive dull one. 

    There are many factors that make good quality knives different. The importance of those factors is based in large part on individual preference. This forum has loads of information on that. I will tell you to read through those threads. 

    Go out and handle as many knives as you can find. We can suggest any number of knives but if you don't enjoy handling that knife, all our recommendations don't matter. And if you invest good money in a high quality knife, you should want to learn how to keep it sharp yourself

So go buy whatever inexpensive knife you like and keep it sharp. After you use it for awhile, figure out what you don't like about it, find a knife that improves on it and buy that one. Gain some experience by buying and using different inexpensive knifes before you commit to buying a knife that costs over $100, especially if you are going to trust a stranger with sharpening it for you. 
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