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I agree with Foodpump. People normally don't know the real benefit of having a deck oven, especially if this one has steam injector for bread or without for cookies, shortbreads, biscuits, etc.
Today I was having a size problem with the future bakery I'm designing. Finally, I found a convection oven that fulfills all my needs and is the Turbofan E32D4. It has 4 full-size sheet pan capacity with 110mm tray spacing, 2-speed bi-directional reversing fan system (this kills the one-way fan problem), 5 levels of moisture injection or manual injection (perfect for bread like buns or rolls, also genovese or cakes) and the thermostat range goes from 50-260ºC (122-500ºF).
If I'm fussy I would say it doesn't look robust or strong as Blodgett or Vulcan convection ovens but I will give it a Tray to Turbofan and if it accomplishes all my necessities I'm gonna buy another and make it a double stacked oven.
I have a question for you guys and is that I have my bakery and pastry kitchen separated so the deck oven for the pastry zone I will buy I want to use it as much as I can. So what else I can bake (not bread) in the deck oven?.
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