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What type of ingredient absorbs smoke the best?

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  • Grains & Legumes

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  • Meats & Fishes

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  • purees & stocks

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  • Cooked grains & legumes

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BBQing foods to add smoke flavor is much different then long smoking of foods. When you smoke using a BBQ the fat does not absorb more smoke flavor. So you want to expose most of the surface of the item when BBQing. The fat will give the protein a better flavor but won't absorb more smoke.

  We don't do much BBQing down here, most of it is long smokes.

I  cold smoke salmon and trout in an old convection oven that didn't work anymore. The fan still worked though. I would burn wood separately. The take a good size piece of ember and place it in the oven with the fish and keep the fan on low. Great  way to utilize seasoning while smoking.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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