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At our place the dishwashers just have to do the dishes and are responsible for making sure that their sinks and dish areas are wiped down and clean. The cooks are responsible for putting away food and wiping their areas down. Since we don't have a fryer or a charbroiler our kitchen doesn't get too trashed. The closing floor person has to reset the dining rooms and wipe down their counters. Then we have a professional janitorial service come in every night and do the rest. Not only does it look much better than having the cooks, dishers and waitstaff doing it, but it works out in terms of morale. The last thing you want to do at the end of a shift is to be detail-oriented for sweeping and mopping. I mean, how does it feel when you have put out hundreds of beautiful covers and everything is perfect and everyone is happy and all, only to be criticised for a lousy job on the floors or bathrooms BECAUSE YOU ARE JUST TOO TIRED FROM BEING SO BUSY SELLING AND MAKING FOOD!
And it works out costing about the same.

The Circus.
And on that note, let me tell you about our janitorial crew. We have a contract with a local vocational rehabilitation agency that provides us with the janitors. They work under what is know as an "enclave"- meaning that you get a whole bunch of them and their trainers. The workers are varying degrees of developmentally disabled- so they have them doing all sorts of jobs depending on their disability. So on any given night there may be anywhere from four to twelve people doing the janitoring and deep cleaning. Sometimes I'll go down to the kitchen and see half a dozen people crammed into the kitchen torn apart with the fridges moved out to clean behind them and stuff stacked up to clean shelves...But it looks good the next day....
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