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Our situation really doesn't count as it's just my husband and I....but our kitchen is kind of unique in that it's 47 feet long and only 13 1/2 foot wide.
There are work counters, refrigerators, freezers and sinks down each wall the long ways...and down the center of the stations and sinks. This makes two looooong aisles. One for him. One for me. The grill and fryer are on his side with the fridges etc. he needs....the bakery area, salad prep, etc. on my side with fridges etc. The dish area at one end of the room and storage at the other.
Our health law like yours I'm sure, is no carpeting in the allows mats. Our whole kitchen is matted except under the work no floors to scrub....we just vacuum and wipe up under the counters!
The mats are like carpeting....but if one does get ruined, it can be replaced easily. We've only had to replace 2 in the four years we've been here.
My husband is also the "dishwasher"...and I'm the one who puts everything away and wipes down...etc. You'd think dishes for the evening run would take the longest....but since we have a menu and a buffet....there's lots to cool down and put away....and our system times out about the same for each of us every night!
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