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I arrived late at one of those "fine" hotels that you never think to eat because thier to expensive, and the food is served to look better than it tastes ;)(you know the places) I order a soup with a strange name, and a plate of pasta with sausage. A bread was served with the soup. The Bread was extraorinary. It was different then I had ever eaten.

"It's American-Barvarian" the waiter explained.

The soup looked like beef barley, but agian was unique in bouquet and flavor.

What is this I asked?

"Beef barley, with Chinese 5 star condiments"

"Huh? Who's your Chef? What's his secret?

"Our Chef is at home. This is a cook following his "Fusion recipes"

"Tell me more"

" Fusion cooking involes combining basic ingredients from accross styles and cultural origins in some new, fused and artistic way. Taste is as important than looks"

Knowing this, I was ready for pasta with fresh tomato and a ladle of a rich chicken broth, with a link of chicken and green apple sausage.

I can't with authority tell you who "invented" fusion cuisine...But at it's best, it's sublime, when not understood by a chef, it can break your heart.

IMHO, I think we would look to Asia as a starting place, and a stepping stone as to what we understand (or don't) understand about fusion cooking. I also feel very strongly about Alice Waters contrabution to American fusion

Just my 2 cents
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