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School cafeterias usually gravitate to what the majority of kids will eat. Remember OBama's wife and her campaign to bring healthy foods to school cafeterias? Most kids wouldn't eat anything and the food would up in the garbage- as did her school lunch program.
Yes, but consider what would happen if the schools, as a matter of policy, announced that no kid in the class goes to recess until every kid has finished one serving of the complete healthy meal. They do that in Japan, for instance, and it works because the parents support it.
Don't forget too that kids are picky eaters or have a down right food aversion. They get that way from bad parenting- "no, you don't like that? Here, let me make you something else." If parents had dinner at the same time every night, everybody came to the table WITHOUT their ...
Most meals in the US are eaten alone and/or in a moving vehicle. Everyone sitting down to dinner together is something that happens less than once per month, on average.

My point: we have rotten taste in food because as a society we don't care whether our food is any good.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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