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School cafeterias usually gravitate to what the majority of kids will eat. Remember OBama's wife and her campaign to bring healthy foods to school cafeterias? Most kids wouldn't eat anything and the food would up in the garbage- as did her school lunch program.

Don't forget too that kids are picky eaters or have a down right food aversion. They get that way from bad parenting- "no, you don't like that? Here, let me make you something else." If parents had dinner at the same time every night, everybody came to the table WITHOUT their electronic devices, coloring books, etc. and everybody got the same meal kids would learn to eat a more varied diet.

If they refuse to eat they are not given any other choice. After a couple of weeks betcha they will eat anything. :rofl: That's the way I was brought up.
That is the way I grew up - family always sat down at 8, every night (except Sunday when we started earlier as it was mostly roast day)
And in regards to what you ate - whatever ended on the table

I remember my own rebellious phase when I decided that I did not want what was on the table - my mother just shrugged her shoulders, pointed to the kitchen and said - then make yourself something else. But the kitchen better look exactly the same after your done...
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