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Its blatantly obvious. Being a Chef or cook is the most undermining and underappreciated job out there. Most people don’t understand the hardships and torture of this profession. We put in 210% of what we have, blood, sweat, and tears…just to make everyone else happy. But that’s why we do this. We use our talent to fulfill the number one thing us humans need to survive. Our raw skill turns ordinary ingredients into magnificent art, that not only look appealing, but send your mouths into ecstasy. From the simplest basket of fries, to the $5,000 burger with black truffles and foie gras, we decimate hunger and leave people satisfied in a way that makes it all worth it to us. We love seeing the excitement and happiness coming from the patrons and they devour our creations. If they only knew… The ever-famous "chef life" isn't all glamour and savy as the tv portrays a lot. The life we live is completely different. It can almost be a sad story full of hardship and struggle. The dedication and hard work most of us put in is rarely seen in any other line of work. And its not because of the money. The pay in this industry is mediocre to what most people think. And we give up a lot more. The life of a cook is an interesting one, depending on the person. My testimony goes out to the TRUECOOKS. The ones that treat every plate like their first. The ones that have no end of shift. Once the time card is pushed, its on. The kitchen is our warzone. We use knives, tongs, spatulas, and pans as our weapons. The grills, fryers, and burners are our allies in this culinary battle. The war is waging in the dining rooms of restaurants all over the world. But we are victorious, because of the battle we wage. We work ridiculous hours, in blistering heat, sometimes in unsafe conditions. Countless hours in a kitchen that always seems to be the hottest place on earth. with no time to sit, or take a break, or even eat. Everywhere you look, there is a flaming hot surface, sharp object, or something in your way, that with the slightest wrong move, could end your career. We become masters of reflex and balance. We are the definition of multi-taskers. We are the gladiators of our time. Freedom is in our grasp, but the battles we ensue are always trying to stop us. But we are not lone warriors on a solo path to victory. We are an army. Each of us armed with a group of kitchen commandos, ready for orders to destroy tickets, and send out plates like artillery fire to tables of customers. And the battle lasts for hours, with the return fire of more orders, trying to break the line. They come at us in small groups, testing our patience and determination. Once its realized we are strong, groups roll in. In large numbers they charge at us, throwing everything they have to try and break our spirits. Using modifications, and ordering everything we don’t have, they come close. But with our training, years of battle, and comrades, we achieve victory. This victory is only captured if you have your army. From the dish pit arises some of the strongest, and brutal warriors you have. The soldiers that no matter the task, they get it done. We give up a lot for the sake of our job. Mostly our time. The most dedicated of us don’t know the words "vacation" or "weekend". Our weekends are usually a Monday and Tuesday, if we can get two days off in a row. We give up our holidays so everyone can enjoy theirs. If your lucky, you get the owners that close on most holidays. But through it all, we do this because we love it. Food becomes our testament to life. It’s the reason we are here. Those of us who dedicate our lives to satisfying peoples most controversial and captivating sense shall go on as we do. Serving humanity with our bombardment of cuisines, destroying hunger, and skepticism along the way. Because, after all, making people happy is why we do this. HUMILITY, DEDICATION, SACRIFICE. TRUECOOKS FOR LIFE.
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