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Reimagine the obvious. The ingredients you have on hand don't have to be used for what you are doing with them now. There are endless ways to serve potatoes. Be seasonal and use winter vegetables, especially any local ones like turnips, squash, etc. Stews, casseroles and other hearty comfort foods are popular in cold weather and can be simple or fancy but made from inexpensive ingredients. Salads don't require lettuce all the time. Soups, chowders can be made from just about anything.
Someone once said that as a chef, you serve the familiar in unexpected ways and the unfamiliar in familiar ways.
Stay away from anything requiring long shipping. I don't know what the laws are in the UK but can you serve local fish and game supplied by the local sportsmen? What local items are available that you aren't using now?
Use ingredients you already have on hand to make things new and different, like adding liquor and beer to various dishes.
In Jacques Pepin's autobiography he relates how his mother in her restaurant during the war, would serve turnips for lunch and dinner, as soup at lunch then roasted for dinner because that's what they had available. She did the same with whatever else was around but in clever ways to keep the menu interesting.
You don't need to be a chef to come up with new ideas.
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