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Hi there everyone!
Just joined up. Please forgive me for lurking poorly if this question has already been addressed and I just didn't find the answer here yet. We're building a house and the architect wants to know if I want a 60" or 48" Wolf Range. Problematically, I'm laid up recovering from knee surgery, so I can't go to Wolf showroom to investigate this properly for myself right now. Bad timing.

Anyway, I'm thinking I'm going to bite the $$$ bullet and go with the 60 incher with all that real estate because everyone always ends up at our house for family events/holidays/anything. Spontaneously or planned, we just entertain with a focus on good food a lot and I'm tired of juggling burners, commandeering outdoor grill & burners--even the neighbor's range in a pinch. Six burners with a french grill for holding sauces, boiling water for pastas, a large griddle sounds like serious fun, not to mention, serious relief here too. Two full size ovens doesn't sound half bad either! 
But... Do I really need the $$$ big guy or will the 48" plus a steam wall oven work okay? Ventilation? Pros and cons?

Please help/advise... anyone? 
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