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wonton vs pastry vs puff pastry vs fillo

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A. When buying sheets for making desert like things or wonton like things-

1. what is the difference?

2. are they some what inter-changeable?

3. availability? Seems most grocery stores only sell the wonton and fillo...

B. My wife bought a Breville Personal Pie. It calls for "pastry sheets"-

1. What are these?
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I like working with phyllo - I only use half the recommended butter/oil when making spanakopita, baklava, etc.  The trick is to keep the sheets you're not using from drying out.

I've used wonton sheets and they are easy to work with. 

I've never worked with puff pastry, but it's tempting,
I neglected to mention I also use half the phyllo in my spanakopita too.  Recipe calls for 1# package and I find 1/2 of that works.  It's not exactly health food - LOL.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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