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I bought one of these knives from ebay just to check out how the hammered finish would hold up. Wanted to check out a cheap knife with that type of finish before i spend any money close to 200-300$ range (Takeda/Moritaka etc...).

Paid for the item, never got the knife, after 2 months of fighting with paypal and the vendor, vendor decided to ship me an another one, because the first shipment did not have tracking and on this guys listing it states that there is no tracking thus if the knife dissapears misteriously he is not supposed to be held responsible.

(# No registered shipping ,which shown as other…shipping (Economic free shipping) mainly is not guaranteed at all.*

Paypal wouldn't refund my money because of that + he said he would send me an another one/replacement.

Well, today after 4 months since the purchase i got the package,

The FUC*ER put 80$ as the value of the knife, so i had to pay 15$ duty on the package... see what was inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

btw. does anyone know what these are? The stone in the first pic in the center has like a slash thing through it, are these whetstones???????? I hope these did not come from the nuclear plant.
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