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Yes, Food Saver questions...again.

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I know this question have fluttered around the forums before, but I can't find one where the info is current so I decided to bring up the subject again. I run a small restaurant with no storage and hardly any counter space.  We are connected to a show space that basically dictates if we are busy or not.  This obviously presents the problem of product preservation.  I have no room at all for a heavy, bulky cryo machine.  I've looked into Food Savers, but am skeptical on their durability in a professional kitchen.  Please drop some info on this subject if you know anything about the new food savers out there!
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Another chef I know uses the basic one you can get at wal-mart. He cuts strip loin by the case, seals them in food savers, then freezes them for later use. The steaks keep very well as I have seen them, the machine is still working 2-3 months later. Only downside is the bags are quite expensive.
For a pro kitchen, you are much better off with a chamber vac sealer. They sell small ones that might fit your needs. I can't see a food saver working for extended periods in a production environment. Not to mention that they are less reliable and pull less vacuum than a chamber sealer. 
I used a FoodSaver for three years in my restaurant with no problems.

Used it for Osso Buco, Chicken Caccioatora, and many other dishes, including a variety of sous vide preparations.
I'm curious whether FoodSaver is legal to use in food service.... Is it industry certified?
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