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Yet another advice question on buying a Gyuto

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Hey guys,

I've been reading the forum for awhile now researching in anticipation of finding a Gyuto knife.

After reading lots on this forum it's obviously that every knife is individual to the user and intended use, therefore I thought it would be best to ask the question, even though there are heaps of "I want to buy my first..." questions on here.

I am not a professional in the industry, definitely a hobbyist, but I appreciate the art and process to own and maintain a high quality Japanese knife. Happy to spend a bit more money on something that is also an artwork, not just a tool, around $300.

I've looked at countless knives, starting at Shun and Miyabi etc, now looking at knives that seem to be more unique:

- Takeda Aogami Super

- Fijiwara san's Maboroshi

- Kurosaki R2 western

- Masamoto KS

I used the Fujiwara knife at a store today, really nice, but not sure what I want yet.

Love some suggestions.

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Takeda's are known for grind issues. Out of your list the Masamoto KS is my favorite. It's light, thin and very nimble with a classic Sab KS profile and solid white #2 with excellent fit and finish. You can get one cheaper from Japan - Tip - if you go this route pony up for EMS mail. Will get to you in @ a week.
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