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Yet another advice question on buying a Gyuto

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Hey guys,

I've been reading the forum for awhile now researching in anticipation of finding a Gyuto knife.

After reading lots on this forum it's obviously that every knife is individual to the user and intended use, therefore I thought it would be best to ask the question, even though there are heaps of "I want to buy my first..." questions on here.

I am not a professional in the industry, definitely a hobbyist, but I appreciate the art and process to own and maintain a high quality Japanese knife. Happy to spend a bit more money on something that is also an artwork, not just a tool, around $300.

I've looked at countless knives, starting at Shun and Miyabi etc, now looking at knives that seem to be more unique:

- Takeda Aogami Super

- Fijiwara san's Maboroshi

- Kurosaki R2 western

- Masamoto KS

I used the Fujiwara knife at a store today, really nice, but not sure what I want yet.

Love some suggestions.

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Thanks for your input rick,

There is a knife sharpener I can take it to to learn from, he studied under a master blacksmith in Japan in Seki for 10 years.

I appreciate the that the Takamura Migaki is cheaper, but as you say it's not as fancy, and I'm happy to pay more for something more attractive.
Thanks for telling me about your experience Lasagneburito, appreciate it.

I'll check out the Gesshin knives.
Thanks for the reply Mike9,

I liked the Masamoto KS because of it's classic appeal too

Thanks for the website tip, I would try to get one from Japan I have colleagues that go there regularly, I'll have one smuggle one back to Aus. 

I really like the finish of the Takeda, shame it has issues with the grind.

Anyone elaborate on this one?
Looks like everyones sour on the grind now, what a shame I really liked the finish.
Thanks for the advice!
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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