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hello all. I will be in new york for my first time come october and am dying to eat like a local. (i know its not canada, but what the hey) i know there are about a billion great places to eat out there but i will only have a few days to really hit the town(i am in a wedding and it will occupy much of my time). i am staying in queens arround nassau, but i will definitely make it into the city also (hopefully a couple of times). i will be on a modest budget, but i do plan on splurging for the right place. i would love any suggestions ranging from corner delis to tru dining, i just want to avoid the usual touristy places, (i guess rocco's mamma won't be rolling me any meatballs). bring it on...............................
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I brought a whole load of threads back up to the top. If you still need more recommendations, email me and I'll be happy to make more suggestions. I love my hometown! :bounce:
One correction: EVERYBODY here is awesome! :D

For outdoor markets in Manhattan selling "stuff" (as opposed to the Greenmarkets selling food): there's a big flea market on the weekends on 6th Avenue (what the rest of the world calls Avenue of the Americas ;) ) a little bit above 23rd Street, and a smaller one on 38th or 39th, west of the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

BUT: it could be a lot more interesting to take the #7 train to Jackson Heights in Queens and just walk along Roosevelt Avenue, under the elevated tracks. You'll get Indian, Bangla, all kinds of South and Central American -- a huge mix of different cultures. Or go up to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, for a REAL "Little Italy." Or downtown Jamaica (also in Queens).
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